What internet speed do I need? Here's how many Mbps is enough

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Last Updated February 28th, So you want to learn how to increase your download speed? Recently my area got upgraded to the National Broadband Network and with it my speeds increased quite a lot. It was interesting seeing how this increased the amount of work we could get through — whether it was sending files, downloading and uploading images to blogs, or just loading new pages to read.

How Much Internet Bandwidth Do You Need to Work from Home?

But I was also shocked at how much extra speed I could get through my line by tweaking a few things around my house, computer and the router itself. In this post I am going to show you a few ways you can increase your download speed. Hopefully something in this article is useful to you. Disclosure — This post contains some affiliate links.

If you purchase a product through one of those links I will earn a commission how to make 50 fast on the Internet no extra cost to you. If this bothers you feel free not to use the link. How to test your current internet speed The first thing you will need to do is test your current internet speed.

This will let you know whether or not you are getting a lower rate than you should be.

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You can do this by going to SpeedTest. Here are my results.


Look at those speeds! Unfortunately my home WiFi speeds are not as fast as this because, well, because of Australia. What do MBps and Mbps mean and why does it matter? Okay, so, some boring but important stuff here.

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People often say megabytes when they mean megaBITS. And visa versa. But there is a big difference. To find out how many megabytes that is you just divide by 8 which equals 1. Now, 1 MB is equal to KB kilobytes so if you want to know how fast you are going to able to download a song or movie you should refer to the KB or MB per second rate as that is usually what they are measured in.

For example, if you are downloading a 50 MB file at 1 MB per second it will take you just under 50 seconds. Got it? Do check it out and let us know your feedback. For ages I was using a Billion modem that I thought was absolutely fantastic. I was having frequent internet drop outs and blaming them on my ISP.

The problem?

Rookie mistake. Make sure your modem is suited to the internet plan that you are on. Again, you just want to make sure that your router is compatible with your plan. Scan for viruses The next thing you need to do is make sure that no virus itself is causing you to slow down. Sometimes viruses can live on your computer and suck resources away from what you are doing thus slowing down your speeds. Check for binary options swaps interference Sometimes your virus scanner or other programs can interfere with your internet speeds.

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This is really frustrating but you can figure out by simply switching things off one at a time and then running a speed test again. You should always have good virus protection. Check your filters If you have your internet connected to a phone line that also has a telephone on it then you will need to make sure you have good quality filters installed on your line.

These are little plugs that you attach to the phone line and they help filter out the disturbances. Here is a photo of one of mine. Now, these also need to be different for the different types of internet. Try getting rid of your cordless phone Some people disagree with this but I have found that cordless phones slow down or interfere with my internet even with filters. Plug in Wifi is nice but wireless internet is often a tad slower than if you plug in to your modem.

Check for external interference I bet most of you have an iPhone, iPad, sound system and at least trading robots on forts other form of electronic device in your modem area.

It was a game-changing moment for me since this realization helped me begin this amazing online journey that I am so grateful for. And I want to share them all with you, one by one. But first, let me give you a little context about me and my story. Around ten years ago, I started a blog called Good Financial Cents.

Am I right? Well, if so, then you need to check to see whether these things are causing electromagnetic interference. Try moving speakers out of how to make 50 fast on the Internet way and getting other electronic devices out of your modem space.

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It could be from a past owner. If so, call up and make sure it is disconnected totally. Shorten and replace cables The length of your cables and their structure can affect speeds.

There are lots of money-making opportunities out there. And the dollars will add up quickly!

Try replacing old phone cables, sockets and lines and instead use shorter and newer ones. This can often make a big difference. Have you tried turning it off and on again? The last suggestion is often the most powerful one. Turn off your modem for one minute and turn it on again.

It is called power cycling and can often flush out a bunch of problems that affect your speed.

What internet speed do you need?

If you are really brave you can even reconfigure your modem with a new password as this can often refresh your settings at the end of your ISP and refresh connections. This may mean that a worker from the company will be sent out to your house, and this can cost an additional fee. The man who came to my property found that the wires in my roof were almost totally chewed away and needed replacing. What have I missed? Do you know any other ways to increase your internet speed?

I would be really interested to hear them. Comments are now closed on this article but you can always catch me on Twitter if you want to suggest something else. If this post has helped you please consider giving it a little share on social media.