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How to account for income when trading via the Internet

Key Takeaways Access to the financial markets is easy and inexpensive thanks to a variety of discount brokers that operate through online platforms. Different online brokers are optimized for a different type of client—from long-term buy-and-hold novices to active and sophisticated day traders. Choosing the right online broker requires some due diligence to get the most for your money. Follow the steps and advice in this article to choose right.

Money Matters How should I report my online trading income? How should I report my online trading income?

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If investing is starting to become more lucrative than your full-time gig, you might be opting to work from home and have turn it into your new occupation.

If this is the case, things can get confusing when tax time rolls around.

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You might be wondering if you should be reporting your securities transactions as business income, instead of capital gains or losses?

If you go down that road, you could also be weighing how likely is it that the method of reporting you choose could be challenged by the Canada Revenue Agency CRA.

Expenses which a Trader cannot claim in Income Tax Return Personal Expenses — An expense incurred for personal purposes is not deductible. Hence, interest, fine, late fee, penalty, etc. Tax — Any form of Tax paid on the income earned is not deductible as an expense. Additionally, there are exceptions to this mentioned under rule 6DD of the Indian Income Tax Act TDS not deposited — If tax is not deducted at source or not deposited, then such expense is not deductible.

Whatever method you choose will have a big impact on your taxes. Business losses, on the other hand, are fully deductible against other sources of income.

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Business profits are pensionable for CPP purposes, meaning they might be subject to CPP contributions at the self-employed rate of 9. For example, day-traders, who make all their trading transactions within the same day, should report transactions as business income.

How to decide?

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Determine your pattern of trading. Factors that determine a trading pattern include the frequency of your transactions, the duration of your holdings, your knowledge and experience of the stock market, and the amount time you spend on the activity. The type of securities you buy is also important.

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On the other hand, a single transaction could be considered an adventure in the nature of trade, and therefore business income, especially if it was purely speculative and made in hopes of a quick profit.

How likely is it that my method of reporting will be challenged? An informal survey of Tax Court of Canada looked at cases after the yearand discovered 10 cases that had security transactions in dispute.

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Eight of these involved taxpayers who had been challenged by the CRA how to account for income when trading via the Internet they claimed their losses as business losses. So, if we look at the number of times that an issue is reviewed by Tax Court as a reflection of how the CRA assesses trading income, it seems like claiming losses from securities transactions as business losses attracts more attention than reporting profits as capital gains.

Tax Filing for Security Traders

You can use this to guarantee that the disposition of all Canadian but not foreign securities be treated as capital gains or losses. To make this election, track down and fill out Form T Election on disposition of Canadian securities.

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What else should I know before I decide? When taking a look through your trades, remember that the CRA always considers the gain or loss on the sale of short sales to be business income unless you made the transaction to hedge your position with respect to identical shares held on capital account.

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Online trading is a great way to build up your investment portfolio and generate some extra income, just remember that anything you earn or lose in a year needs to be reported, so make sure you are using the appropriate method.

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