Ask the Trader: Is This Option Cheap or Expensive? Charting Options Prices

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Conditional order menu Cost of trade If Market order appears as the order type and no changes are desired, simply click Buy to Open Put and confirm to place the order.

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Select Expiration Date Change the expiration date either to closer or further dates using the arrows Alternately, select a specific expiration date from the drop down menu 4. View available strike prices with the strike price line Click and drag the strike price line between the available strike prices for the selected expiration date.

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Simply stop at the desired strike for the contract. Select the order type desired for the contract If Market order is not showing in the order type field, select it from the drop down menu. Use a Step to Market order optional Another way to take advantage option buying chart the spread is the Step to Market order. Choose the Step to Market order from the drop down menu.

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Set the beginning of the slider at the initial price desired for the order. This will be the price at which the order will be entered. Over the predetermined time period the price offered will be automatically modified up from the initial entry price toward the Market price.

You decide to try and capture some of that upside with an options play. It turns out you can. Are those prices fair or a little steep? To answer this question, it would help to see how the option has moved in the past.

The step order will attempt to secure a preferable fill price in this process. Modification stops if no preferable fill is received and the price then moves to the Market.

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Set the quantity Select the number of contracts for the order. Note: remember a single option contract normally controls shares of stock.

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Set the duration time-in-force for the order 9. Live market trading requires an account with TC Brokerage www.

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